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Observation room w. green floor

In line with key design principles, I created this piece utilizing 3d voxel art editor with a renderer, striving for clean line formations and sharp shadows. I call it minimal voxel art.

Here, there are structural references to Edward Hopper's "Nighthawks" and John Register's artworks, where I examine the use of light and color in particular. I also closely follow and observe the works of today's digital artists such as Grant Riven Yun.

The light used in Hopper's work, divided by a wide display glass, produces a contrast by reflecting it from the inside to the outside, in my artwork, natural light enters from the outside to the inside at similar angles.

We can consider elements such as the exterior structure, windows, and the door I use as geometric and minimal reflections of the sections we see in "Nighthawks". The metallic bench inside the large room is reminiscent of a seating element in a museum.  It is recommended that we observe the outside due to its location.


Karyagar - Observation room w. green floor



Edward Hopper - Nighthawks

john register art 2
john register - art

John Register - Cadillac Hotel / Waiting Room for the Beyond  

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